Some words from some amazing yogi’s that make me smile every single time I read them…

Laura is a busy primary school teacher and Mum and made the time to come along to a beginners course:

“It has been a real treat having some ‘me’ time every week and I feel like I’ve come a long way physically and mentally since having my weekly dose of yoga with you. My backache of nearly a decade has disappeared, so for that alone I can’t thank you enough!”

Lisa blows my mind! She’s a Mum (with many teenage girls!), Grandparent, works in a school full time and always checks on everyone. Was great to allow her some much needed ‘me’ time whilst taking care of her body.

“Kelly is an absolute amazing supportive teacher.. I’m also a newbie .. I found the class so relaxing, kelly made sure i was ok all the way through as i suffer with arthiritus in both my knees, so there was an alternative way in some moves and persistions … can’t recommend her enough.. ☺”

Emma knows a lot about well-being, self-care, relaxation and works as a Relax Kids coach (and has 2 small ones as well) so felt very good to give her the space and time to learn and grow herself. Find her on Facebook (Relax Kids Milton Keynes – Emma)

“Quite simply, I cannot recommend Kelly enough! As a newbie to yoga I was a bit nervous about what a class would be like but Kelly is amazing; she explains everything so clearly, takes us through each pose step by step as we build up each sequence and is extremely knowledgeable about variations on poses to allow for different abilities and injuries. I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve progessed in a relatively short time and it’s all thanks to Kelly’s calm, genuinely caring guidance. Not only are her classes fantastic for your body but she also makes time to focus on your state of mind, bringing elements of mindfulness and positive affirmations into each session. A-mazing!”

Laura’s artistic talents mean that we can share and swap our creativity with each other and many of her prints are up on my walls. Check Laura Ruffett b.e.s.p.o.k.e out on Facebook:

Image may contain: text“Kelly has a beautiful style of teaching. Classes are always well paced and at a level which is challenging enough without being too scary! I love the music and the other little details she adds to make each class unique. I can’t wait for more classes to start in September!! Thanks Kelly xx”

And… Men do yoga too. Tom and his beauty of a wife Jodie came along and became hooked!

“Having never attempted yoga before I was nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect – Kelly completed changed my view on yoga and I absolutely loved it from start to finish! Kelly makes you feel very relaxed and teaches you some amazing things whilst in a very calm and enjoyable environment!”

Another Kelly, another life juggler!

“Kelly is such an amazing lady and teacher. I’d never done yoga before and she made it a wonderful beautiful experience. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough so calm and reassuring all at the same time…”

Jaye teaches gymnastics on top of her full time job and really didn’t think she could fit in something like yoga. She was pretty nervous about coming along to her very first class but soon became a natural and was amazing to watch her find some peace.

“Kelly is so amazing at making you feel at ease and welcome to her classes. I was very nervous on my first visit. I have to say the way Kelly teaches with her soft approach is a must for everyone. I can not recommend these classes enough. Get in touch and have a go. 
On a personal note thank you for your support Kelly. I will be booking on your next course. J xx”

Emma struggles to find that magical combination of time + energy + motivation and so can’t make every week – THAT is OK. It’s brilliant when we can be realistic and give ourselves a break!

“Such a lovely class and Kelly is so passionate and supportive the whole way through, always checking we were ok and reassuring in her beautiful calm way. Perfect way to de- stress after a long day at work.”

New to yoga, Aimie looked forward to this time for herself each week.

“I just had my first yoga class with Kelly, and she was brillant I felt to relaxed and well guided as I had no idea what I was doing. Looking forward to my next session thank you.”

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