I’m Kelly and (just like you are) I’m many things to many people. I’m a mum to two beautiful (strong willed, defiant, mischievous) girls, a school teacher, a staff well-being leader and a yoga teacher.  I’m a work in progress when it comes to taking care of myself and I’m currently on the steepest learning curve of my life since the time I very nearly (along with my forever friend) got chucked off A-Level PE. When we’re shoved, pushed or booted off balance, life gets tough. It’s taken a long time but I’ve come to realise that we have a choice. We can fall and stay down or we can (with the help, love and support of those amazing humans around us) struggle up again. Yoga was the support I needed to get up again and again and was something that became consistent in my wobbly world. If yoga can be all that for me, imagine what it can be for you. 

Yoga has such potential and can be woven into any life, it’s your choice to start your journey and the very fact that you’re googling me or yoga for beginners makes my cells dance a little bit! 

Catch up on my blogs to feel confident about making those first, tentative steps into the world of yoga, check out my classes to find one that works and get in touch with any questions! I can’t wait to welcome you (whatever that may look like) to the teachings of yoga. Worried about the poses… visit my gallery to see what they look like in real life, nothing scary to report I promise.

Go get your yoga on!

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This is me…