Learn to Shine Bright – Self-care tips from me to me (and you)

Do I really talk like that??!!

I recently watched my TEDx talk from back in April because I needed reminding how to take care! I talk about self-care all the time and am pretty good at handing out advice or inspiring those in my classes to prioritise themselves. And yet, I seem to be an all or nothing kind of girl and I had hit the nothing phase. I easily lose myself and can get carried away either floating away on cloud nine or pulled into a negative tangle of fear and doubt (and being tired!).

Noticing how you’re heart is and what the state of your mind is like, really helps and so (even though it’s possibly a little odd) I sat and watched myself talking about shining brightly, taking care of that inner light and being enough. It worked and I’m going to share my own words in the hope that even one person out there can benefit from them…

How do we even begin to start taking care of ourselves?

ONE: “Grab a notebook and start a journal.” Nothing fancy and definitely let go of being perfect with it but just write (as little or as much as you like)… get thoughts out of your head because it’s just too full up there and space is too precious. Writing in a journal allows us to maintain a dialogue with ourselves so that we can build a healthy friendship… with ourselves. Imagine that, being your own friend, liking and even loving yourself!

To get started maybe ask yourself some questions,and prompts…

What makes you smile? What are my true core values? Who in my life genuinely support me? Use 10 words to describe yourself, make a list of everything that inspires you? What would your ideal work day look and feel like? Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to? How about the things you’d like to say yes to?


Up next…

Two: The second self-care tip I shared during my TEDx talk

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