So, I did a marathon


“I am a role model to two little girls.” Whenever I thought I couldn’t finish!

I was lost for words for a long time after finishing a marathon in May… it was THE hardest thing ever, ever and I vowed I’d never do it again. The last 6 miles saw me run, stagger a bit and walk as my knee and hip decided they’d had enough! I made it though and with my girls a ton of friends and my ever loving family at the finish line.

Then I used the excuse that I’d ‘done a marathon’ to explain why I then wasn’t running… at all! Well, it was just that – an excuse and so I found my trainers, charged up my neglected Tom Tom watch today and went for a well overdue run. It was so good to just go out and put one foot in front of the other… because that’s all running is after all!

I couldn’t run without yoga. Fact. So, as well as putting one foot in front of the other, I highly recommend adding a few basic, simple, mind blowingly effective yoga poses into your day!

Just start… wherever you are… just start


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