Taking Time Off

We all need a little time off and when you have a little business that you’re working so hard on so that it can be a success, giving yourself space to breathe simply doesn’t happen. I love what I do and I’m growing to love myself (and I mean that in the least egotistical way!), so I’m having a break from teaching for two whole weeks. We’re off to the seaside to recharge and find my own yoga practice again (in the busyness of life, it’s gone slightly AWOL of late) and breathe… Amazing things are happening on my Summer return though…

‘Yoga Summer Sessions’

Dates and details of my ‘Summer Sessions‘ being launched this week

My dreamy event YOGA IN THE PARK, alongside my wonderful friend Christine Blair, is happening on SATURDAY 18TH JULY 2018 12-1.30pm Details coming up!!



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