My Marathon

I am attempting to complete a marathon… tomorrow! Never ever did I think I’d be saying that because I would never have believed I could. I still don’t know if I can run a whole marathon but the last couple of years have taught me so much about self belief and being kind to yourself. I now appreciate my body for what it can do rather than how it looks or all those things that it can’t do (I invite you to do the same… it’s life changing, allows you to enjoy food and exercise in a kind way).

So, I’ve run a total of 10km in this last week mainly because I was away having fun in Barcelona and then tired! I have however practiced yoga every day. That doesn’t mean that I’ve attended 7 hard core classes that have made me sweat and ache but I’ve done SOMETHING every day ranging from an amazing and strong one to one session with my great friend to laying on my mat on my decking in my garden and pretty much rolling around a bit in the sun!

If you run, please do yoga too. If you do any exercise, try yoga and if you’re new to taking care of yourself, find a yoga teacher and give it a bloody good go! It’s not all about the shapes we bust out, it’s about breathing, finding calm and connecting to yourself (and that’s just for starters!).

Here’s to crossing that finish line tomorrow…

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