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Me and Tedx – 2 weeks to go!


My big, I can’t quite believe I’m doing it, TEDx talk is now only 2 weeks away. I tend to fluctuate between feeling super chilled out about the whole thing, not caring too much about what I’ll wear or whether a particular outfit will make me look pale, wide, short or like I have no clue what I’m banging on about to the complete and total fear of freezing on stage, looking terrible and feeling like a huge fraud who took someone else’s spot!

I recently had to stop and remind myself to breathe… I’m learning a lot about how I deal with anxiety about my life stuff. It’s really interesting when you pause and notice how you behave. So I noticed that, I ate a lot of rubbish to keep myself distracted, I did ANYTHING other than actually learning my talk because I didn’t know where to start and so it felt too much and, oh my god did I sweat the small stuff! Every little thing was a big deal, the end of the world or something that would make me loudly sigh (or cry)… a lot!

But… when I began to feel (extra) anxious about this talk of mine and I started to notice my patterns of ‘interesting’ behavior, I slowed down a bit and asked for help and thankfully I got that help in the form of my wonderful friend who gave me time and energy and (most importantly for the kinda girl I am) a plan. A plan to follow, deadlines to stick to and someone to be accountable to.

My talk has 6 parts, only a few people have read it and heard it and given me advice on it (thank you to you all, by the way!) and I’m having a trial run on Wednesday in front of a mini audience, I’ve narrowed my wardrobe choices down (without buying new stuff), I’m wondering whether wearing no shoes would be okay and I feel a tiny bit more in control. I’m off to practice in the mirror before a hot chocolate (I also like rewards!) and sleep.

If stuff that you have going on in your world (whether it’s exciting, scary, or anything in between) becomes overwhelming and you feel the urge to distract and hide. Stop and breathe, ask for help and make a (mini) plan. Then you’ll have more chance of enjoying the ride rather than just wishing it to be over… I’m saying this to myself as much as to anyone reading!

With love from Ted and I x


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