Finding our feet again


I hadn’t planned to run a mini workshop in the Easter holidays. It came about because I was inspired by so many people sharing their stories, their worries, the stuff they’re working on and (with some coaxing) their wins, that I felt it was the right time. I’ve found myself wanting to find my feet again, to regain balance and maybe even find a new centre by which to oscillate. I had become so focused on ‘finding myself’ again that I’d lost sight of the fact that actually, all of my experiences (the wonderful, the bloody terrible and all those in-between) had changed me. They had shifted and pulled me (kicking and screaming if I’d have had the energy at the time) all over the place until I questioned every decision I made, opinion I had and actions I did. Distracting myself was something that I became extremely good at and even though it left my body tired and my mind constantly buzzing, it gave me the ability to cope with life and all it was throwing my way.

I know with quite an amount of certainty that I’m not the only one that has felt like this (or is feeling this way right now) and I’d love to assure you that you can find your way again (yeah, it’s tough and makes you face stuff and change things) and you can become connected to your world and enjoy it. The hard work is so worth it.

Following conversations with so many friends at different times over an array of different kinds of drinks, from Moroccan mint tea to a bottle of red, I started working on a yoga workshop that could help us all (is that selfish of me to include my needs!) to find our feet and maybe a new centre.

I’d love you to join me:


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