Embrace that learning feeling


Being new to something is hard, learning a new skill is tough, trying something for the very first time can be so overwhelming that we end up not even bothering. To make that first step towards a goal, an intention or that almost silent whisper from somewhere inside you, is the hardest of all the steps! Welcoming someone into their first ever yoga class is fast becoming one of my favorite things to do (right up there with a glass of wine, laughing with friends and time with a chai latte and magazine all on my own). I watch as anxiety, worry and doubt fall away to be replaced by a quiet confidence, smiles and a desire to learn.

What’s stopping you? It’s an interesting question to ask yourself and really think about. I’ve heard many reasons (or maybe they can be called excuses) for not trying out yoga: ‘I can’t touch my toes, I’m not spiritual at all and hate all that plinky plunky music and chanting and even, ‘I can’t cross my legs.’ Personally, I’m not a chanting fan but I’d give it a bloody good go in the safety of a class, why not! Your yoga barrier may be struggling to find the time to fit it in or being able to justify the cost. More than likely though (and this is after many, many honest chats with new yogi’s), your yoga barrier is feeling anxious about what to expect, what to wear, what to bring with you and even what everyone else thinks of you (that’s a whole other blog right there!).

It’s pretty cosy and safe in our comfort zone, challenge doesn’t really exist and therefore failure isn’t really possible. I’ve come to realise that we have a choice. We can remain in our comfort zone or we can take that one small and brave step (notice I didn’t use the word leap!) towards those goals of ours. I may not be a beginner in terms of going to yoga classes but I am if I share with you my handstand dream. I don’t think of this particular dream of mine every single day, but I want to do a handstand. I will not ever be able to do a handstand if I stay in my yoga comfort zone which doesn’t include any poses that work towards it. Why? Because it’s bloody hard. Simple.

So, how do you get your yoga on for the first time? Whether it’s your first ever class or you’ve taken a break for a while for whatever reason and what to get back into it, only you (maybe with the support of a friend) can do this. I’m here for you! I’ve been there and what I know from my experiences is that if you can get started and embrace being a beginner anything is possible (and I mean that in the least spiritual way possible!).

If you’re nervous, enlist the support of a friend and embark on this thing called yoga together. Do some research and find a class that suits your timings and get in touch with the teacher – be honest! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Remind yourself of your reasons for wanting to start and come back to them whenever doubt creeps in to try and sway you from putting the energy and time into something new and unknown. Then comes the commitment part… that’s coming up next, plus what the F to wear and whether to bother buying your own mat.

Get your yoga on. Today.

With love and honesty,

Kelly xx






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